Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekending && Favorites

Monday, we meet again! This weekend started off on the wrong foot with me typing up my Friday Favorites and somehow deleting ALL of it, Saturday ended roughly (see below), but Mother's Day was great and took a total of 2 pictures the entire weekend. 

Friday night after my post deleted itself, B and I went out for dinner and to pick up some cards for Mother's Day. Came back just in time to watch a movie then it was an early bed time for us. 

Saturday we left for Odessa as soon as Tate got home. B slept most of the way with her hand inside of her muffin wrapper before we even noticed. Must have been some knockout muffins!

We then went to my aunt's house and had a great time visiting with my family. Things took a turn for the worst leaving her house to go to dinner. We were next to her at a red light and she and Tate were acting like they were going to race (a tahoe vs a yukon xl, keep in mind). She beats us out of the light and Tate starts to blame things on the horsepower and that's why he was losing. I tapped the dash and said something along the lines of 'she may be getting old but she still runs just the same as she did in 08' - that, folks, is called irony! Not kidding, right after I said that my aunt calls me to tell me there was smoke coming out from under my car. Lovely! It wasn't black smoke, more like a cloudy white, and coming out directly under my door. We got through the next red light and my tahoe started shaking, the check engine light came on, and the message center said 'engine overheat'. In my mind I was thinking surely it wasn't from that "race". It wasn't. I would have hated sharing that story - boyfriend and aunt were racing the SUV's and boyfriend lost. Ha! We pulled over into a parking lot  and as soon as Tate popped the hood smoke went everywhere and I noticed the entire back left side looked wet. A hose (I'll spare the details because I really don't know much about it) had completely broken off. Not just came off, it completely snapped. If you look closely you can see that the hose is detached with the connector part on it.

Lucky for us, we were all headed to go eat dinner so I had family not too far behind us. My uncle picked us up, dropped me off to eat and he and Tate temporarily fixed my car. She runs, but smells like antifreeze. Whew! I mean, things could have been a lost worst and I'm so very thankful it wasn't. I'm also glad we were back home and had plenty of family around. I couldn't imagine something like that happening with just me and B in a place we didn't know. 

As for Sunday, Mother's Day was great! More Mexican food and more family time. I got a book from B, picture frame with B's hand print from my mom and a new purse from my MIL. Then Tate and I  compromised on a Mother's Day/Father's Day gift and treated ourselves to new patio furniture and a pool. Go us!

Now, for some favorites that I missed on Friday...

This shirt. I talked about it a few weeks ago but had just received it in the mail so I'd never wore it. Now, I've ordered more colors because I love it so much!  It's soft and comfy and perfect to dress up or down!

These shirts...okay, now I didn't love these on me like I hoped I would - they did nothing for my straight figure - but I thought I'd share anyways because some are as low as $15! The colors are super cute, too!

My new favorite breakfast - whole wheat toast with avocado spread on it topped with strawberries and honey. Seriously, don't knock it until you try it (Mom, I'm looking at you!). 

And I'm finished with school, until June that is. I'm taking May off, taking easy classes in June and July then I'll be ready to tackle the fall semester. Feels good to be finished with a tough class and get such a good grade. :) 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

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  1. Oh no!! I'm sorry about your car trouble but happy that family was nearby to help you out! Glad to hear you had a great mother's day! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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