Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide | Him

February is here, all things pink and red are up, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't already have Tate's Valentine's Day gift. Some people don't celebrate V-day and some love it! I think it's fun little holiday to show some love to your people. I shared my Gift Guide for Her (aka, my wishlist) so I thought I'd share a few things for the guys.

 And Tate, I don't even mind you reading this. :) 

1. Tate has a ton of dri-fit shirts so initially I didn't think it would be necessary to gift him another but because he does love them so much, some are faded and dingy or starting to snag. So, yes, this is a good idea. :)
2. He has almost this exact one. He calls it his 'in-between' watch. Not as dressy  as his good watch but a step up from his Fuel band.
3. Jack and coke is his preferred drink of choice, why not spiff it up a bit with these old fashioned glasses? And monogrammed? Yes, please!
4. I got one of these for Tate for Christmas and they don't disappoint. They're not too heavy but give enough warmth to skip the jacket. I highly suggest them and they're oh so soft!
5. They were so predictable and popular around Christmas that Tate didn't get one but I did happen to snag one for my dad's birthday and he loves it!
6. We played this game after the Sports Banquet with some friends and it's hilarious! It totally solidified the fact that we need to own it.
7. Alarm clock. Tate is the hardest person to wake up. He will snooze the alarm (if he actually hears it) on his phone for 30+ minutes before actually getting up. I think he would definitely hear this one plus it can second as a charger for his phone. Win win!
8. Boxers! Tate is super picky about his boxers! I went on a boxer shopping challenge to find his perfect match.. lol! I seriously went EVERYWHERE. Cheap pair, expensive pair and everything in between. Winners: Joe Boxer and Under Armour.
9. Seriously, your guy needs this! This was one of Tate's Christmas presents, and although I instantly regretted it after his first shower with it, he loves it! He always listened to music on his phone so when he had a bluetooth speaker in the shower that he can control and even answer calls, he was sold. It's like a private concert every morning and night for him. Ha!
10. Does anyone elses guy just walk in and empty his pockets on the table/nightstand/dresser or just all over the place? It drives me nuts! If he had this it gives all his stuff a neat little spot!

Other things: event tickets, movies, their favorite snacks and/or alcohol!

There ya have it - a few ideas for that special man. A big gift, few small gifts, a small gift with some mixed goodies; the options are endless. What's your favorite thing to get your husband/boyfriend/fiance? 

Come back tomorrow if you need ideas for the minis! 

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  1. These are great gift ideas! I need to think about getting him a little tray to put all his stuff in from his pockets! I am constantly moving them around and organizing it and he hates it!!

    1. Yess!! He says it's his 'organized mess' so now he can be messy in his own little tray and I won't say a word!

  2. I've heard amazing things about the yeti so that would totally be a good gift!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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