Friday, April 1, 2016

What's Up Wednesday (or Friday) | March

How in the world is it April 1st? March totally flew by! I had every intention on doing What's Up Wednesday on Wednesday but I had a test. Soooo, since it's April Fools and Friday Favorites, I'm fooling you by posting one of my favorite link ups. See what I did there? :)

Moving on.

What we're eating this week...
Umm, seriously we've have eaten out every night this week except one and I made chili dogs.  Brylee stayed in Odessa with family for the week so it's just been me and Tate. He's had a lot of softball and I've been using the free time to get ahead in school. For someone who loves cooking I made nothing but junk all week. And regret it.

What I'm reminiscing about...
Brylee's first Easter. She was only 3 months old and so tiny!

What I've loving lately...
The Bluebonnets! They are in full bloom here and oh so pretty! I wish I had my own picture but I haven't stopped to take one this year (image found here). The above picture has some from a few years back. They are just so pretty!

What we've been up to...
School, softball, school, softball, a mini vacation and Easter! :)

What I'm dreading...
Picking out paint for the entire house. When we moved into our house we decided every room would get a fresh coat of paint and we would just do one room at a time but have now decided to hire a painter to get it all done quickly. Now we just have to decide colors for each room. Currently we agree on nothing. Not even white! Why are there so many whites?!

What I'm working on...
Time Management! There is just so much to do these days and I don't feel like I am giving each thing I want to do 100% of me and I hate that. I need to prioritize my life and manage it better! Thanks to Biana's post earlier this week I now have Wunderlist and I'm hoping that will help me stay on top of things.

What I'm excited about...
To see my sweet girl this weekend! I'm glad she is having fun but week away from her is too long!

What I'm watching/reading...
Watching: Dancing With The Stars, The Voice, and Friends. Sidenote: I own the entire DVD collection of Friends except the first and last season. The last season wasn't available at the time and I'm not sure about the first. Anywho, as much as I LOVE Friends, I had never seen the first or last episode until now thanks to Netflix. Well, I've seen the first and I'm working my way through the entire show. Tate had never even watched until now and he loves it!

Reading: I finally finished The Choice (so good!) and I received Sean Lowe's book from a giveaway on Everyday Grace and started it this morning.

What I'm listening to...
Right now, peace and quite. I'm typing this at work and I'm alone. Most of the time I always have some kind of background noise but this is nice for a change.

What I'm wearing...
Well, not currently wearing, but these shorts! When we were in Dallas a few weekends ago J. Crew was a priority because I needed new shorts. I tried on these and fell in love! They come in these and the navy striped but I wish they had more colors. I would probably own every single one.

What I'm doing this weekend...
So far, other than picking up Brylee, no plans! Tate was wanting to go to Albuquerque but I'm hoping I talked him out of it. I wouldn't mind going, but we've had such a busy month that a weekend off sounds nice.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
My sister's birthday!
Spring weather!

What else is new...
Well, weather wise there is a chance of snow in our region today, not locally, but a few hours away. Mother Nature has some humor this April Fools.

What is my favorite spring cleaning tip...
When we lived in McAllen I did this 28 day clean and organize challenge and loved it. Although it took me more than 28 days to complete, I learned a lot through that challenge. I have a weekly cleaning schedule now but there are things that get over looked that you don't even think about so I make sure I do these when spring cleaning! This could probably be a different post for another day but here are some that I always forget to do:
-door knobs
-drawer knobs and handles
-light switches and outlet covers
-old lotions/perfumes/hair products (I'm such a hoarder in this!)
-walls (especially where little hands leave tracks)
-pet bowls (water and food)
-dryer vents
-A/C vents
-give all stuffed animals a wash

So, along with What's Up Wednesday, I'm linking up with my Friday gals!

Have the best Friday friends, and don't fall for those April fools jokes!

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  1. Hi Leah, I saw you had commented on Biana's blog and I decided to head on over to your blog. You're from Odessa?!I I live in Lubbock, not far from Odessa! How crazy! I actually really enjoyed Sean Lowe's book, it was really good. I hope you have a great weekend!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  2. I'm loving DWTS!! I'm rooting for Lindsay this season!

  3. Choosing paint colors can be so hard! We went with a nice bright white for our trim and I love it. The wall colors can be changed and the trim will always match!


  4. Leah!! I'm seriously cracking up at how much of our What's Up Wednesday post was the same!! Great minds girl...great minds. haha Hope you have a super weekend!

  5. I remember when we painted our house - choosing the color was so hard! Good luck!!

  6. Love those shorts! Are they true to size?


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