Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rainy Day Confessions

Today has not been my day.. and it's only 10. I didn't have any intentions on doing confessions today, because I had something else planned... something I've been working on for weeks. This morning my NEW computer (got it for Christmas) freaked out on me. It didn't crash, but might as well had. I lost everything. I wanted to cry - I've been meaning to backup my pictures for months and just haven't done it. I've already lost all pictures once of B when she was a newborn because my old computer crashed. Once that crashed I transferred everything I had onto Tate's computer and when I got my new one transferred everything to my new one. I'm hoping I left them on Tate's and didn't delete them - we haven't used his since I got the new one. I was so upset I was sick! The tech thinks he can save everything and I so hope he does. But, lets get to my confessions.

Sparkles and Lattes

I confess that every single towel I own is on my bathroom floor. Why? Well because while I was curling my hair this morning the toilet decided it just wanted to overflow. Just because. No reason for it's madness. My bathroom floor was flooded. I'll add that I was also running late. The only good thing about this was Brylee cheering me on as I was cleaning up the floor. 

I confess that my hair looks terrible today. You see, I was in the middle of curling it when the toilet freaked out. I guess this is the morning of freak outs - computer, toilet, mother nature, me. 

I confess that it wasn't raining until I was trying to put B in her car seat. Then it poured. Of course it did. I grabbed my little umbrella to put over me to keep from getting soaked.

I confess that it's very hard to buckle a car seat with one hand - the other was holding the umbrella.

I confess that I broke my umbrella. Somehow a piece of the umbrella got stuck in the little area where the window meets the car (I really don't know how to explain that) and after trying to get it unstuck with one hand I gave up, let the umbrella go with my other hand, used two hands to try and pull the stuck piece out and broke it in the process. 

I confess that I was wet at this point and glad I had a hair tie in my purse!

I confess that I came super close to just calling in, but instead was just 30 minutes late.

I confess that I seriously need to have a talk with mother nature. This bipolar weather has got to go! As well as these allergies. The balloon head is back and I wish I could breath.

I confess that I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, will always be, and I find this funny! Yes, it's a hot topic right now, but this is funny!

I confess that the guys at work (remember I work at the police department) got me a taser and I have no clue how to use it. In fact, after they showed me how it worked, I'm a bit scared of it! ha. 

I confess that I may be sending my toddler to you northerners getting snow for the weekend because last night she prayed for it to snow. Not here girlfriend, no ma'am! 

I confess that Tate took down some of Brylee's wallpaper in her bathroom last night (yes, the one that flooded this morning). A few weeks ago I noticed some of it was held together with tape so it needed to come down stat! I'm not real sure what his motive was for doing it last night and not finishing it, but now I have a bathroom covered in towels and half wallpapered - half drywall with no intentions of fixing it soon. If I didn't already hate it, I would now. ha

I confess that this is my last confession today. I'm at a point of giving up on a certain relationship in my life. I don't want to but I really don't know what else to do. We've just about hit a brick wall and  cannot seem to work around it. It's been a struggle to make it work and I've finally had to come to my senses and realize that some people will never change and you cannot make them change. Sometimes your relationships need a detox too. I'm hoping we can figure something out, it'll be a tough relationship to lose. :(

Thank goodness it's Thursday and tomorrow afternoon we'll be headed out for a little mini vacation (and some 7 on 7 football!).

Have the best day, y'all!
xx Leah


  1. Thanks for linking up today! Fellow Texan and mama! I am done with the rain as well and am sporting a tiny ponytail today as well.

  2. I am so sorry about the toxic relationship. I have been there and we haven't really talked or hung out in two years. She will contact me when another friend comes into town, but I only see her that one time a year and she hasn't even met my daughters. So pissed over that. I am sorry about the bathroom, umbrella and your hair. I have those days and they suck. At least you got it together and went in. Bravo! I would have given up. Tasers scare me too! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh gosh really does sound like today is not your day!! I hope tomorrow and the weekend are better for you! I totally feel you on the toxic relationship thing. It's one thing to try to help someone through things, but another when it's affecting your life too much and you're struggling because of it. I hope it all works out how it should. Hang in there!


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