Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Scenes and Plans

Working on a Monday should be optional. I mean, I can't say Monday's altogether because that would mean we skip straight to Tuesday and I'd miss the Bachelorette premier tonight - not happening! But working on a Monday, I mean, why? Kinda like Friday. Why work on Fridays? Adulting can be hard sometimes.

But, we did have an interesting weekend. Not a ton to share about the actual weekend because I forgot to take pictures and that's okay. We did enjoy our little mini tip to Fredericksburg - if you're from Texas you totally understand! I love going there for any excuse, even if I have to watch 7 on 7 football in the rain while I'm there.

We came back Saturday evening with just enough time for dinner and a bit of tug-of-war.

Sunday we did our usual trip to the grocery store, lunch and a trip to the mall. I attempted to try on swim suits but had no luck. Why must I be an in between size - super frustrating!

And then we came home for some 'pictures on my frozen phone'. Ha. Brylee is always bringing her phone to me saying let's take a picture on my phone. I just so happened to have my phone this time so we did both.

Now lets get to the interesting stuff. We've been wanting to redo a lot of our house and have a master list of plans. First was the living room. We painted the wood paneling, finished the decor and had plans to lay wood flooring down in place of the carpet. My step dad was going to come help lay that once we got the floors ready. First step was to rip up the carpet and clean the floors. This weekend we got the bright idea to pull up part of the carpet just to see how hard it would be (the carpet in there now is the original carpet) and much to our surprise the floor underneath was cement not wood like we were told! So now we are changing directions and instead of laying wood panels we are going to stain the concrete! I am so excited about this because I love the way stained concrete looks! Add some fun printed rugs - I cannot wait! This is the color we are going for.

And now for the fun stuff. The second room on the list is Brylee's bathroom. It's the bathroom used most of the time and I just hated so much about it. The out of date sliding shower doors, all the wood, the brass, the watercolor southwest colored wallpaper - so much! Anyways, most nights Tate gives B her bath while I clean up from dinner. Wednesday night I heard a ton of commotion coming from the bathroom and in checking it out saw that Tate had taken down the ugly sliding shower doors. Perfect, except we didn't have a shower rod. I had an old shower curtain but no rod. Late night trip to Walmart it was. The next night, which so happened to be the day I had a bad day, Tate started to rip off the wallpaper. That was totally fine because we hired painters and needed to get the wallpaper off so they could paint it. What wasn't totally fine was all the mess we found once we pulled it all off. That picture on the left was much worse before I wiped some of it off.

Our first thought was black mold so we started researching ways to get rid of it or what to do about it. We knew we didn't know much about it and you certainly can't believe everything online so we decided to wait until the next day and I would call our realtor and see if she could point us in the right direction of who we needed to talk to. After talking to the realtor, an environmental specialist, our home inspector and a plumber they've decided it was just high water moisture from the bathroom not having any ventilation or bathroom specific paint and glue. I didn't even know there was a such thing as bathroom specific paint! We are having a plumber come check it just to make sure but we did clean the walls with bleach just in case. I'm hoping there is no mold, water leaks or damage and that it really was just high water moisture. Bathroom checklist: bathroom specific paint and some kind of ventilation. To make things even better (insert sarcasm), we have to replace all the trim as well because it's a lost cause.

Here's to hoping y'all had a fantastic weekend and we all have a great week!



  1. Fingers crossed for not being mold!! I had no idea there was specific bathroom paint either... I wish I would have before we painted all of the bathrooms in our house, ha! Happy Monday!

  2. I'm with you - adulting is hard all the time LOL! I'm happy that it wasn't black mold - and that you guys got it figured out! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I bet the concrete will look amazing stained!!

  4. I have heard such good things about that little town! Good luck with your bathroom - surprises like that can be so frustrating. Fingers crossed it is just the high moisture!


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