Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Sweetest Game Plan

Happy Tuesday friends! I've been feeling pretty yucky lately - dang seasonal allergies! It all started Sunday afternoon and completely turned my world upside down for the past few days. I don't feel 100% better today, but my head no longer feels like a balloon, so there's that. Enough of my allergy issues, I have something fun for you today! I'm starting a series here on Chasing Texas! I've thought about doing this way before I changed my blog and have finally got it all sorted out. Now I present to you - The Sweetest Game Plan! It is, of course, the tagline of this blog. Let me explain:

You see, my life revolves around a game plan. When you're in the coaching world everything is revolved around a game plan. Your wins and losses (off and on the field) are a result of a game plan. That game plan can control the mood of your coach when he gets home, and in return can control the outcome of how many hours they put in that next week planning - which also controls how often you see him that week - see! It controls everything!

However the outcome may be, you should always plan for a success. While most of Tate's are football related, I have some game plans of my own. It could be how I clean my house and stay on top of laundry like it's my job or the must haves for my pool bag. It could be a list of tips or tricks or maybe a story of what not to do. It could be things I like and feel the need to share or things I hate. Whatever it may be, it is my game plan, The Sweetest Game Plan. :)

You're probably getting tired of the words game plan, huh?  Haha - welcome to my world! 

To read about my game plan (I know, I know!) on moving to a new place and knowing absolutely no one, come back tomorrow!

Have the best evening!

xx- Leah

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  1. Love the meaning behind it! Excited to see what all you put together!


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