Thursday, March 17, 2016

Confessions | Take 2

Every time I say or do something that I think "hey, that would be a good confession" and I write it down somewhere. Now that I have my multiple sticky notes, receipts, construction paper, etc., notes all gathered up, it's time to confess! Linking up with Jess!

// I confess that I am not wearing green today. Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

// I confess that I hide Tate's shoes when he doesn't put them back in the closet! When he starts to run low on shoes he'll start asking. They've been hidden under the bed, in the hall closet, Brylee's drawers, garage - you name it! One day he'll learn. 

 // I confess that I don't like when a link doesn't take me to a new window. I have forgotten to do this before so I'm guilty of it - sorry - but chances are I probably won't come back to the blog. If I try to hit the back arrow it always takes me to a blank page so I just forget it. 

// I confess that I like the taste of cough syrup. Yes, the cherry kind! Weird? Okay, moving on. 

// I confess that I'm always hungry if I eat breakfast. If I skip it I'm fine until lunch but man am I starving if I eat breakfast. Why???

// I confess that I eat dill relish out of the jar. I always have. I guess that's just about as weird as cough syrup. Again, moving on.

// I confess that I use a lot of exclamation points and I'm very wordy! I never had a problem in school trying to meet a word count, I always had to worry about have too many words! And the exclamation points, I'm always afraid people will think I'm yelling but it's just a habit now! 

// I confess that as much as I try to buy cute pajamas, I still sleep in Tate's old shirts and yoga shorts! I wait until his shirts start getting dingy and have some holes and then move them to my pj drawer. 

// I confess that every time I hear Want You To Want Me by Jason Derulo I think of the Luke Bryan karaoke duet. Seriously, add some twang and slow it down a bit and it could have been Luke's all along! Agree?

And those are all I have for you today. :)

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