Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easter Pinning!

Okay, first things first - if you didn't read my post yesterday you might want to go to that first. This next part will make more sense! :)

True. I did break my nose and never got it fixed. I was 11 and my dad and uncle were redoing my grandparents porch. It is super long and they had planks laid every 2.5 feet or so. I was going outside to ask my dad what he wanted for dinner (my mom was calling it in) and while turning around on the planks (that I was told not to get on) I fell and hit the bridge of my nose. The ER doctor could have popped it back in place but didn't and now it's crooked. 

True. I do have a scar from a penny! I used to drive a brown mustang with light tan interior. I was getting in one day during the hot summer and sat on a penny! The dang thing burned me and for a few weeks I had good ol' Abe Lincoln on the back of my leg - it seriously burned his face onto my leg. I wish I had a picture of this. Now I just have a tiny line from where it scarred. 

False. I did break my ankle but only once. I did, however, break my arm 3 times in the same place. Soccer was very rough on me - ha! for 6 years straight I was either in a cast, boot or sling of some sort. That is why I initially wanted to be in orthopedics - if you read yesterday you'll know why I changed my mind. :)

Now that that is out of the way - can y'all believe Easter is next weekend? My nephew's birthday also happens to fall on Easter this year so it will be a family fun filled weekend for us! Linking up with Jessi and Jenn today for a few of my plans for Easter this year. 

one // I will be making a Hummingbird cake! Yes ma'am! I love love love hummingbird cakes! I used to use a recipe I got out of a Southern Living cookbook years ago until I found Shay's recipe! It's still so, so good without all the work! :)

two //Because I have 3 different Easter celebrations to go to I will also be making Shay's Carrot Cake Cheesecake! Cheesecakes are my ultimate favorite and carrot cakes just scream Easter to me. I can't wait to make this!

three // I'm starting the Resurrection Eggs with Brylee this year - it starts today btw! Beth shared this a few weeks ago on her blog and I love it! You probably have everything you need already!

four // Three celebrations calls for three different treats, right? I always make this little "snack" for all holidays! It's so fun to change out the M&M colors and sprinkles and it's just so darn good. Warning - it is addicting! 

Have a wonderful afternoon, friends!

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