Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday - The I ripped my favorite plaid shirt edition!

Bummer right? I have had it for more years than I want to admit, but something that lasts that long, lets just say it's been a hard breakup. I wish I could fix it but I have not a single clue how to sew and it's rather large and right at my under arm.... sooo, there's that. Great way to start a Friday, huh?

Anywho, I went to my closet and got another just like it. Except it wasn't plaid. Or blue. Or not even the same brand. Just very similar. I've spent the majority of today searching my favorite places for a new one. I need some cute spring plaids, yes? Yes! 

As sad as that was, it is Friday and I have the night to myself again - Brylee is getting some grandparent time and Tate has a softball tournament. If you're looking for me tonight I'll probably be on the couch in sweats eating pizza and hopefully finally getting to watch Fuller House. For some strange reason my bluray has decided it didn't want to connect to netflix. Why???


Enough rambling. Let's get to my Friday Favorites. 


Before I left Odessa on Sunday I went by Bath and Body Works to pick up some new spring soap. Their soap is my favorite and I'm not sure I'll ever buy soap anywhere else.


My new Tone It Up package came in Monday. I know I talk about TIU all the time, but I just love them - everything about them! They have so many different kinds (most for free) of workouts and I actually enjoy them. After doing so well in January with my goals I rewarded myself with their bands and foam roller. Right now I hate them both but my body will thank me later. :)


Having the ability to vote is another favorite! And for any of you in Texas and didn't know this (like me!) any time you move counties you have to re-register 30 days prior to voting day! Luckily I figured this out 31 days prior!


School has been registered and paid for. Bring it on!


Have you guys ever heard of 6PM? I don't know how or why the prices are as fantastic as they are but I'm in love! I've already ordered 2 pair of shoes for me (these and these) and 1 for Brylee (these)! Seriously, if you haven't checked it out, do so and thank me later! I own the cognac and black that are similar to these but Dillards has discontinued them so to say I was excited to find them in white is an understatement.


Okay so if you were like me when you were younger and obsessed with Limited Too I have a PSA for you! They're having some flashback sale on Zulily so if you have any girls or know of anyone that does go check it out! I have my eye on a few things for B. :) Apparently, after doing some nostalgic research, it's old news that they're reopening in 2016. I guess they're starting with things like this. My tween self is rejoicing!

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Have a glorious weekend friends! 

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  1. The fact that you ripped your favorite plaid shirt is a travesty! I hope you're making a quick recovery.... Great post!


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