Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday | April

Good morning! Funny story - last night we were supposed to get a really bad hail storm so I pulled my car into the garage. I don't normally park in there because the garage is small and it's a tight fit for my Tahoe. Tate's truck doesn't fit so at least we would have one safe from hail. Anyways, because I never park in there I wasn't expecting it to be there at 4:30 AM when I went to get water from the garage fridge! Needless to say I scared myself and ran directly into it forgetting it was there. If I wasn't completely awake before then, I was after! Fast forward to 7:45 when we were leaving the house: got all our things and headed out the front door. Hello, Leah, it's not there! After getting B loaded and pulling out of the garage I realized I had no idea where the remote was so I had to run through the garage and hurry out of it to leave! Whew. Some morning!

Anywho, enough of my early morning blond moments, today is the last Wednesday of the month which means it's time for What's Up Wednesday! Today I'm linking up with some of my favorite gals to share what's been going on here lately.

What we're eating this week...
Anything and everything Tone It Up approved. Think Quinoa bowls, salads, lettuce wraps and lots and lots of protein! Luckily for Tate and Brylee, they get other things also. For example, I had a chicken wrap last night and they had chicken quesadillas. Same chicken, two ways!

What I'm reminiscing about...
My cousins moved to Abilene many many years ago and it was always a tradition to go that my aunt would take us to the Abilene Zoo each time we went to visit. The zoo has had many changes since we started going, but it's been an every summer thing. Now we've started taking our kids there and I love it. The top was this past weekend and the bottom was last year!

Both pictures were taken at the same spots and we continue this tradition every year. I love it!

What I'm loving lately...
Larabars! I told y'all that I finally gave them a try and quickly became obsessed with the chocolate chip cookie dough one. My local grocery store only carries two kinds so I ordered the variety pack from Amazon so I could try more. Thoughts so far: Cashew cookie is not good but Blueberry muffin is delicious.

What we've been up to...
We went to the new Giraffe exhibit at the zoo this weekend. So much fun, but so many people! Other than that, softball, school and work - ya know, the usual.

What I'm dreading...
I don't really feel like there is anything I'm dreading.

What I'm working on...
Spring cleaning! I've been saying I was going to start it for about 2 months now and I finally have. Go me!

What I'm excited about...
Well, after writing my Operation Get Fit post a while back I was determined I was going to do just that - get fit! I've been working so hard but isn't working out so much easier with an accountability partner? After a few emails and some organization Ashley from Girl Talk, Sarah from Sarah Emily Blogs and I will be starting a new link up! Link up with us the first Tuesday of every month with all your fitness goals, workouts, healthy recipes, favorite workout gear, etc! Basically link up anything health/fitness related! We all need accountability and motivation and that's exactly what this is. I'm so excited about this - grab the button and join us!

Girl Talk

What I'm watching/reading...
Watching: The Voice (Which I so desperately need to catch up on), Dancing With The Stars (so many teams that are so good right now that it's hard to pick a favorite!), and Real Housewives of Dallas. I'm continuing to watch the show while I'm doing something but I just don't care for this group of ladies. I'm hoping we get introduced to some different housewives soon.

Reading: I just finished Everything She Forgot by Lisa Ballantyne and haven't started reading anything else. I have a ton on my list but I just haven't had time to start one yet.

What I'm listening to...
Currently, the sound of me clicking away on the computer - I'm the only one awake and I'm enjoying this peace and quiet. As far as music goes, have y'all heard Three Year Old by Eric Church? I heard it a while back and thought 'hey, good song' but I really listened to it the other night and I was ugly crying! It's so crazy the things you learn/forget you knew just having a conversation with a kid. Their innocence is so special. With Mother's Day coming up anything like this is pulling my heartstrings.

What I'm wearing...
Workout clothes because I'm about to do my Bikini Series Day 3 workout! These shorts are my absolute favorite!

What I'm doing this weekend...
The only thing on the schedule for the weekend is the Softball playoff game(s). It's a 3 game series so we're hoping to win Thursday and Saturday morning so they won't have a double header on Saturday. I've never had any interest in softball but that was because I only played soccer growing up. Now, I'm finding a new love for softball. It's exciting! With the girls luck!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
I'm hoping next month is full of warm weather and mother nature gets her mood swings in order. May has a pretty open calendar except for Memorial Day weekend at the lake! Oh, and for Jojo - can't forget about her! :)

What else is new...
I've mentioned before that my step-sister was adopting a little girl. They've had her for over a year now but today is Gotcha Day and I'm so excited! I wish I could be there with them to celebrate this moment. Prayers that it all goes smoothly!

What's your favorite thing to get for Mother's Day...
This Mother's Day I'm hoping for my new patio furniture, maybe some new flowers to plant (since our one is still alive!!) and a full day with my two favorite people.

Enjoy your Wednesday, friends! And don't forget to mark your calendars for the Sweat It Out link up on May 3rd!


  1. Yeah! A fellow Bachelorette fan!!! I love that show.. I do recaps over at my blog because I'm *slightly* obsessed with it. :-)

  2. Lovin' everything here! The food looks great and I'm with you on the bachelorette and RHOD! haha Have a great day girl!

  3. Oh my gosh I can only imagine your face bumping into your car in the morning! I'm with you on's just a weird group! xo, Biana

  4. How did you like that book? I have it on my list!

  5. I'm not a huge fan of the RHOD ladies either!! SO pumped for Jojo as the Bachelorette!

  6. I can't wait for the Jojo to be the bachelorette!!


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