Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Daily Leah #10 & #11

Better late than never, right? I would have just skipped #10 considering most of it was in my Life Lately post but, this was a goal for the year to do this weekly and by golly I'm sticking with it!

 I am back with another week of #dailyleah. These are pictures of something that made me happy that particular day - celebrating the happy things in each day whether the day was good or bad! :)

March 13 to March 19

Day 73
We went for a walk to the softball fields to help Tate and brought Layla along with us. Tate decided to give he and I both a break and let Layla pull Brylee. Friends, it was hilarious!

Day 74
We went to the softball game and this girl stole my shades! Looks like there needs to be some aviators in her future!

Day 75
I was scrolling through my phone and found a bunch of selfies Brylee took. I usually delete my pictures once I get them on my computer but I guess these somehow got missed and I'm not upset one bit... they were from July!

Day 76
I am loving the Kind bars! I always stick to the same chocolate nutty bars but they were out so I decided to try new ones - love them!

Day 77
Road trip - Tate was jamming out, Brylee was watching a movie on the iPad and I was studying.

Day 78
Dallas World Aquarium - B loved it!

Day 79
B clipped up her hair and said she looked like my mom - my mom wears her hair up a lot in a messy updo and I think Brylee recreated it perfectly! lol

March 20 to March 26

Day 80
Saw the Rooster Bunny --- I have NO idea why she calls him the Rooster bunny. She knows Easter and can say Easter just fine but for some reason there is no Easter Bunny. Strange kid. By the way, this was as close as she was getting. He couldn't look at her or touch her so there was absolutely NO WAY she was sitting right next to him. Tate is sitting next to the bench you just can't see him.
Day 81
Brylee gave me a quick fashion show.

Day 82
Catching up on The Voice. I watch, Brylee dances. My DVR didn't record any of the blinds and the first round of battles was a terrible recording - I guess we had bad weather that night. Boo.

Day 83
I started a new chapter today and it's something I actually remember and know!

Day 84
Can you see Brylee? At one of Tate's softball games B had a ton of room to run (since that is what she does best at the games). She's there, just very tiny! Ha.

Day 85
Good Friday! We celebrated Easter with my mom.

Day 86
A little Easter egg coloring on this Saturday morning!

 And that, my friends, is what makes me happy. :)

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