Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Daily Leah #9

Happy Monday! I'm posting my Daily Leah a bit late, we had a somewhat busy but enjoyable weekend so when I had some free time I decided to watch TV with Tate instead of posting. :) Sometimes ya just gotta!

These are pictures of something that made me happy that particular day - celebrating the happy things in each day whether the day was good or bad! :)
March 6 to March 12

Day  66
B and I ran errands in Abilene and had lunch at McAlisters. Her shirt says "Y'all need Jesus!" We got so many compliments on it - I love it.

Day 67
Never miss a Monday!

Day 68
Along with an early start to spring comes early spring storms! I've heard this part of Texas usually gets some pretty good storms and I'm more of a fair weather kinda girl - we'll see how this goes!

Day 69
Having our Kids Behind the Blog interview.

Day 70
As Brylee said, it was a 'jump in puddles kind of day'! 

Day 71
Orange chicken - so so good!

Day 72
 On the boat with my girl while spending a day at the lake with my family. 

And that, my friends, is what makes me happy. :)

 photo 023121a3-c9ee-42b0-969c-2ef3846325a5_zps5i71ilkt.jpg


  1. Mondays are the hardest to get up and workout!

  2. It's a puddles jumping kind of day here today, but somehow I think your little is more excited about it than I am lol! xo, Biana


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