Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Daily Leah #2

It's time for another #dailyleah post! If you don't know what I'm talking about, I explained it here, but it's basically one picture a day that makes me happy/thankful/etc. It can be anything from a happy moment to getting a good parking spot. Anything! I post to instagram and then gather them all up here. 

January 10 to January 23

Day 10
Chicken & Dumplins! This is my favorite way to make these. Recipe coming soon.

I finally got my new planner in! I'm loving it so far.

Day 12
 I started the Organizing Challenge with A Bowl Full Of Lemons. Wish me luck.

Day 13
 I gave Tate the ultimatum, he was cleaning out his side of the closet or I was doing it. We compromised and did it together. Some progress was made.


Day 14
 Yay for getting my new curtains up! Finally! And yes, I see the lovely baseboards on the bottom; that's a project coming up.

Day 15
All alone at Target. This doesn't happen often.

Day 16
 Fall Sports Banquet.


Day 17
 We went to Lowes to pick out our new floors (refer to day 14) but all Brylee wanted to do was drive the 'little tractor'. ha!


Day 18
 Brylee was 'toning it up' with me. Her yoga poses are fantastic!


Day 19
 National Popcorn Day. I didn't even know that was a such thing. But there is. And I celebrated it.


Day 20
Chocolate heart candy! I didn't need it but oh I so wanted it.


Day 21
 Bored waiting on Tate. He works late a lot due to coaching so this girl and I have lots of one on one time and I love it!


Day 22
 Pink Pancakes. Need I say more? 

Day 23
 We took Brylee to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. How cute does she look with her own snack pack of popcorn! Heart eyes! And as far as the movie goes, we loved it!

So there's Daily Leah #2! I'm changing this to every Sunday instead of every other Sunday.
I can keep this up.
I can keep this up.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Alone at Target.. what is that like?!?! hahah =) Looking forward to your chicken and dumplings recipe!

    1. Target alone is glorious! Ha! It definitely doesn't happen often enough though!


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