Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stranded - The Medicine Cabinet

Y'all, I'm really excited for today's new link up! When Erika first posted about it I knew I would be on board. I'm always asking Tate things like "if you could only eat 3 things from now on, what would they be?" and he's no fun because he never asks me the same in return. I answer anyways, of course, but I'm never prompted, until now! That's exactly what Erika and Shay's new link up is about except you are stranded on an island with those 3 things of choice! So fun, right? 

Today, we are stranded on an island and get to take 3 things from our medicine cabinet. All things listed below would have to be Costco sized because I'd hate to run out! Considering I always have a hair tie on my wrist, I wouldn't need any hair products because it's be up in a messy bun, no need for makeup because I'm on an island, and if I needed something to moisturize my lips or to exfoliate with I'd find a coconut and use some sand. :)

First things first, my Claritin! I get allergies like no other when I travel. Being stranded would be even more miserable without my allergy medicine.

Next, my sunscreen! Who doesn't want to burn? This girl! I do have a few favorites, but if I could only take one of them, this one definitely wins out! I'm sure if I did burn Tate could find me something on that island to help.

Lastly, my toothbrush! I've mentioned before on here that I love to brush my teeth and I love the feeling of clean teeth so a toothbrush is a must, Of course, a 'costco size' doesn't exist in this but what about a value pack (one pack, one item, right?)! I'd have plenty for me and then some I could share with these other stranded people who wished they had theirs! :)

All my other necessary medicine cabinet items I would leave up to Tate to find. He would definitely be like Tom Hanks in Cast Away - he'd figure out how to survive and take care of me at the same time. I'm also assuming that he and I went alone without B. I would hate to have her stranded with only 3 things from the medicine cabinet! Oh goodness - the thought of that makes me a nervous wreck!

Last minute addition: I asked Tate at lunch what his 3 items would be and he gave me.
1. nail clippers (never even thought of those!)
2. pain medicine
3. toilet paper - not exactly medicine cabinet but it would come in handy!

Haha! Good thing we'd be there together!

Anywho, happy hump day friends! I hope it's the best!

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  1. I would 100% take sunscreen with me!! Needed right!? xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I love that you would bring Claritin, I have bad allergies so I totally agree with you!

    xo, Kristina

  3. I can't believe I forgot my sunscreen. Oops!!!

  4. Lol- I can't decide what to bring! I think I'd HAVE to have a razor though haha- and definitely the sunscreen too. Being burnt is miserable!

  5. Totally didn't even think about sunscreen....I told Shay & Erika they needed to add "toiletries" because girlfriend I didn't take a toothbrush either!!


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