Thursday, April 7, 2016

Daily Leah #12

So yeah, once again late. I think I've finally found my groove with school and now I've got to find it for this blog of mine.

 I am back with another week of #dailyleah. These are pictures of something that made me happy that particular day - celebrating the happy things in each day whether the day was good or bad! :)

March 27 to April 2

Day 87
Happy Easter! Although the Easter bunny did come, we will always remember and teach the reason for the holiday. He is Risen!

Day 88 
Eating breakfast and finishing up The Choice.

Day 89
Without Brylee here I had time to make a wreath I had been intending on making for over a month now. Sadly, it didn't all go as planned but it still looked good once I got it complete. Hopefully I'll have a tutorial soon.

Day 90
Oops, something went wrong with your computer - this is not the message you want to get in the middle of a test!

Day 91
Started Sean Lowe's book. I've heard it's a good one.

Day 92
Spaghetti squash is a favorite around here. We love pasta but, hello, summer - gotta be smart with our food.

Day 93
We were your basic Texans and took our annual spring pictures in the bluebonnets! I talked on Friday our they are one of my favorite things right now. They are just so pretty!


 And that, my friends, is what makes me happy. :)

 photo 023121a3-c9ee-42b0-969c-2ef3846325a5_zps5i71ilkt.jpg

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