Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesdays | Day in the Life

Day In the Life posts are some of my favorite - I'm borderline nosy (okay, I am) and I like getting a peek into what everybody else does during the day! I also like looking back on mine and seeing what days were like. Linking up today with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesdays!

I did a Day in the Life a few weeks ago on a Saturday so it really wasn't a typical day. I had every intention of doing this on Friday because it was a game day but around lunch I stopped documenting my day. Oh well, today I bring you a (Mon)Day in the Life! :)

5:00 - Alarm goes off, rinse my face off, change into workout clothes and get my workout in.

5:53  - drinking my cranberry lemon water (more on this later) while making my coffee and breakfast. I love this almond butter and I'm such a cereal girl. Yum!

6-ish - Take my coffee and breakfast and have some 'me time'. This is when I ready my daily devotions, bible, check some emails and if I have time blog or read a book.

6:20 - I hear Tate in the shower so I make his coffee for him. He leaves around 6:30 so that's when I get in the shower and start getting ready. Today I didn't have to wash my hair so my shower was super quick.

6:45 - Time for makeup

7:00 Wake up miss B (which usually consists of me going in there 168 15 times) and start fixing my hair. Usually if she isn't awake by the time I start drying my hair, the hair dryer does it. :)

7:30 - Look who's up and ready. I usually give her some strawberry milk (must be strawberry) and then give her about 10-15 minutes to become sweet again and then I get her dressed while she watches some TV.

7:50 - We are ready and out the door. I talked about how much it rained here over the weekend and there was a chance of rain this day also so her rain boots and umbrella were a must according to her.

8:10 ish - At work. I've mentioned before that I work in the police department so Monday mornings are usually my busiest because I'm having to catch up on everything that happened over the weekend: Call sheets, citations, complaints - get everything sorted, filed, entered, copied, etc. 

10 - I'm finished with my morning things so I take a break. The restroom is upstairs so if I'm alone I like to do a few goes on the stairs for a little cardio break - this was one of those times.

10:15 - After my little break I have some time to do my homework, blog and read. I do these things in 30 minute 'sessions'. I've done this for as long as I can remember with everything I do - cleaning, homework, crafts - and I always change the time to what I feel I need to. I do this so I never get bored working on things.

12 - Time for lunch. It was supposed to warm up by noon today, but as you can see, that didn't happen!

1:02 - back at work. Because I had nothing to do at the moment, I went to San Angelo to get my new chair. It rained off and on the entire way.

3:30 - Back from Angelo with my new chair. I needed an ergonomical chair because sitting in a chair for 7+ hours that isn't made to sit in for that long will hurt your back! And hurt mine did! I am loving my new chair! Once we got that put together I started my 30 minute sessions again!

5 - Left for the day and went to pick up Brylee. Get home, get B a snack and let the dogs out. One decided she wanted to roll in the mud so she gets to hang out outside until I can get her cleaned up.

5:30 - I start on my school work while B colors and watches some TV. Judge if you may, but I keep the TV on so shes occupied with something so I can get my work done. I hate that she and I don't engage for long at this time, but this too shall pass!

7 - Tate is home just in time for dinner. He even helped clean up!

8 - Kitchen and dining room cleaned, I enjoy some cookies with my homework while Tate gives B her bath.

Squeaky clean girl showing me her squeaky clean teeth!

9 - Put B to bed and go wash my face. Yes, I know she goes to bed late for her age, but I'd rather she have a little bit of time with Tate than not see him at all!

10ish - I'm finished with my homework (finally) and finished up my Weekending post while watching Chrisley Knows Best!

10:45 - shut it down and went to bed!

And that was my (Mon)Day in the Life - April 18, 2016!

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  1. What a busy day! You go girl, school & being a mama is tough work! :)

  2. A busy day.

  3. I love how much you get accomplished in the mornings...once it warms up for good I will be working out in the mornings again!


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