Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Friday!

I've given up on my sugar detox and therefore, quit my Whole 30 trial before I even started it. Tate came home with oreos the other night and he knows not to do that! They're my favorite cookie. Ever. Once I start I just can't stop. Then I decided to make chocolate chip cookies the other night. For no reason. Last night I made a cake. I do have a reason for that one though. My sister and nephew are coming down this weekend and we're having a late birthday celebration for her!! They were supposed to come a few weeks ago but life happens and our plans got switched up. To add to my sweets this week, the only time I worked out was Monday. Soo, there's that confession. 

Anyways, it's Friday and I'm so excited!

ONE //  Last Friday I placed a super random order on Amazon. These straws for my Yeti  (thanks to Andrea), a new phone case and a mouse. Right before I was about to click on my cart to pay I saw these shirts on the "recommendations for you" so I clicked on one and saw that it was the same brand of another shirt I bought off Zulily a while back but short sleeved and way cheaper! I ordered two - a Kimono sleeve and a cut out shoulder one and I love them both! I will be ordering more! I loved them so much they immediately went in the wash so I haven't got a picture yet! Just take my word for it.

TWO //  The Bikini Series starts Monday! Refer back up to my introduction, I need this! Haha! Y'all know my love for the Tone It Up girls and I'm super excited for my 2nd Bikini Series. I did this last year and had great results and loved it! Join in, let's be accountability partners!

THREE //  I said I made a cake last night. I made Shay's Cherry Limeade Cake and oh. my. word! It really does taste like a Sonic cherry limeade - I know this because I took a small piece out of the bottom before I flipped it over. :) I didn't want to make my sister just a plain old cake for her birthday so I searched Shay's 100 bundt cakes and this one spoke to me. Seriously, go make it! Excuse the overflow of icing, which is delicious as well!

FOUR //  I complained about the rain we've had this week but in all honestly, I've loved it and we so desperately needed it! I do enjoy my sunny sky's but it sure did good for this area.

FIVE //  The softball team made it to the playoffs! Yay! They still have one more regular season game to play but their win last night secured them a spot. Coaching girls has been totally different for Tate but he loves it just the same. He puts in the same heart and tough love as he does his football boys. This week he lost a bet to other coaches (about where each team would fall in line) and had to bleach his hair. Thankfully another favorite of mine is my purple shampoo because what should have been blonde was actually orange when he got home.

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 And I'll leave you with this. This is Layla all day, every day!


Happy Friday, friends. Have the best weekend!

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  1. Ugh...I had a whole comment typed out and somehow erased Basically sugar....I'm eating it and wearing it it seems...purple shampoo...intrigued and may need to check this out. Have a great weekend Leah!

  2. I am totally going to check out that bikini series! I have never heard of it before. And I swear by purple shampoo too! We need to keep that good tone!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House


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