Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Daily Leah #13

So, late again, but I'm beginning to be okay with that. :)

 I am back with another week of #dailyleah. These are pictures of something that made me happy that particular day - celebrating the happy things in each day whether the day was good or bad! :)

April 3 to April 9

Day 94
These dolls were in timeout. Poor dolls.

Day 95
Cinderella came to visit me while I was working out.

Day 96
New nail color (Let Me Pink About It) and some glitter per B's request.

Day 97
I had Cinderella visit me on Monday. Today, Sheriff Callie! She goes through phases where she wants to dress up when we get home ASAP! It lasts for a few weeks and then she's so over it. I love having different characters helping me around the house. 

Day 98
I was making dinner while these two snacked on chips and quac and watched Steve Harvey's new show! We love it!

Day 99
Hit my goal today. Sidenote: Right when I was about to buy a fitbit I finally got my FuelBand to work! Saves me $100!

Day 100
Took Brylee to get her first pedicure and now she thinks she needs this kind of pampering every single day.

 And that, my friends, is what makes me happy. :)

 photo 023121a3-c9ee-42b0-969c-2ef3846325a5_zps5i71ilkt.jpg

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  1. I agree with Brylee! We should get pedis everyday. Cute pic
    Carly from Dresses & Denim


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