Monday, April 18, 2016

Row Me Out to the Ball Game

Happy Monday, friends! We had such a great weekend that ended way too quickly - don't they always though? Our weekend was filled with a softball game, baseball game and a whole lotta food and rain. I'm hoping this week goes by as quick as my weekend did because my sister and nephew are coming down Friday! Woohoo!

Friday night Tate had a softball game. Lady Bearcats won!  Miss Independent had to carry her own chair to the game.

Saturday morning we got up in no rush and left here right before lunch and made it to Arlington around 3:30. At some point Tate convinced me to drive just for a bit so he could 'rest his eyes'. I ended up just driving all the way through.


These bums.


They were giving out pullovers to the first 15,000 fans and when Tate and my aunt heard that they had to be there to get one; can't complain though, who doesn't like free?  We were there super early so we killed time by having a few races in the parking lot and taking windy selfies. I love B's expression.


Finally, we made it to the gates but 3 year old's just aren't made to wait in line so B and I walked down to the pond. I nearly regretted this idea during our walk back up the hill but lucky for me she wanted to walk her own self back up. 

I have sat in many different places, including right behind home plate, and these are probably my new favorite seats! You could see everything and there was just enough covering us that we never felt the rain (more like a heavy mist) and had it been sunny, we would have probably had plenty of shade. 


I love a good ball park hot dog, but to once I found someone with this giant BBQ sandwich, I was sold. My Papaw did get a hot dog - and for the record, he didn't even eat half of that thing!

We indulged into way too much food (I don't even want to admit how much cotton candy we had) and took a few more windy selfies before the game.


Rangers won!!


My Papaw lives in Granbury (less than an hour away from Arlington) so we went to his house after the game.  This is when it finally started to rain! There was about an 80% chance all day and we thought we were going to have to get boats and row to the park.

Sunday morning we got up to more rain. Brylee really wanted to see the fish but they agreed that it was way too cold for them also. We ate breakfast, grabbed some Starbucks and headed back home.


It rained the entire way!   


Once we got home - still raining - I got things ready for dinner, started some laundry and colored with Brylee while Tate went to go print off some things at the office.

One of the things on my To-Do list for April was to take Brylee to a Ranger's game so now I can check that off! I hope you guys had the best weekend! :)

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  1. These pictures are so sweet! She looks so happy!

  2. So glad you got to check that one off the to-do list!! Looks like a fun game too! Happy Tuesday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. So fun!! I love baseball games, they are just so fun and the food is obviously one of the best parts too ;) We haven't made it to a game yet but we will be going to our first Reds game of the season in a couple of weeks- I can't wait!


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