Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday, I see you!

This week:
I was a 'no-reply blogger' and didn't even know. I've changed this I don't know how many times and it keeps changing back. Why?? 
I sat in chocolate at work. Not one person told me.
My dogs decided to bark like crazy at 4 one morning waking Brylee up in the process.
I'm doing a sugar detox and have had the worst headache for 3 days now!
I also have the worst breakout right now - maybe from the detox? It's driving me nuts! 
A button on a shirt (that needed to be there) broke and I fixed it with a mini bobby pin.
To say I'm ready for Friday is an understatement. 

But, with those not so favorite moments this week, this week has been a good one!

ONE //   Larabars! OMG! I got the Apple Pie and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. They are both so so good, but the Cookie Dough - my word, it's sooooo dang good!

TWO //  My Nike Fuel band! A little backstory here: I got a Fuel band years ago, and then more and more fitness bands and watches were gaining popularity and I found myself wanting a FitBit but I just couldn't see dropping another $100 when there was nothing wrong with the one I had. Sometime while we lived in McAllen Brylee lost it. It wasn't until we moved to Ballinger and were getting the couches out of storage when my fuel band rolled out of it that I found it - at least 6 months! I had almost bought a FitBit. Fast forward a few months and it stopped charging. I thought for sure it was gone for good and I'd be on my way to a FitBit but my trusty little fuel band worked after about 5 factory resets. I know I don't have long before it does die completely on me, but I do enjoy when I see GOAL on it! :)

THREE // We watched A League of Their Own this week. It is one of our favorites! Brylee loved it, too!

FOUR //  On Saturday while Tate had practice Brylee and I went out for her first pedicure! It was such a fun moment.

FIVE //  A few weeks ago Heather from Life In Leggings posted about this App called Bitmoji. I downloaded it thinking I would sometimes use it - I'm afraid to say I use it all the time! I have my mom and aunts using it and Tate doesn't see my humor in it. Maybe because I do things like this to him. I'll admit, sometimes it is too much, but I get a good laugh out of it.

SIX //  Brylee and I planted some flowers. If I don't kill these we'll move on to bigger things and maybe have a real garden! I'm using that term real very loosely. We'll see. 

And that's my Friday friends! We have a softball game tonight and then leave town tomorrow morning for a Rangers game! Yay for baseball season!

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