Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A (not so ordinary) Day In The Life

I've started working with Brylee on her days of the week and how to understand a calendar (hi I'm Leah and I'm addicted to planners/calendars). She can count very well but can only read up to 10 right now so working with a calendar at least helps us get to 30 (except February, of course) and she is learning the days of the week in school. Every night we go over the day (the date, day of the week and month) and she puts a sticker on it to mark that day as over! Because of this I let her pick out a random day and decided I would do a 'day in the life' on that day. The day she picked just happened to be a Saturday so it wasn't a typical day, but it's the day she picked! Even though she knew nothing about a 'day in the life' she was excited for this day. Ha!

Here we go:

I slept in until 7! Woohoo! Washed my face, brushed my teeth and was in the kitchen making coffee by 7:10. Yes, I brush my teeth before coffee and then again after I shower. I like clean teeth!

While the coffee is making I had a glass of lemon water (as I do every morning) and let the dogs out. One obviously didn't want her picture taken this morning!

I read my Jesus Calling for the day and had about 15 minutes of quiet time before Brylee was awake (around 7:30). She requested chocolate milk and a big bowl of oatmeal! We do some serious oatmeal bowls in this house (strawberries, brown sugar, raisins and blueberries this morning)!

While she was adding everything to the oatmeal I folded the towels that were in the dryer, switched the load in the washer and started a new load. One day I'll share my laundry routine with y'all. I never let my clothes just sit around to be folded, never!

Took my breakfast to the desk to do some online shopping and to start downloading my Tone It Up workouts.

By 9 I was out of the shower and had brushed my teeth for the second time! I did a self tanner the day before - yay for a tan! 

Then I put on my makeup while Brylee took a bath. I always get ready in her bathroom so I don't disturb Tate while he's sleeping, although he claims I'm too loud anyways.

I finished up my hair while Brylee brushed her teeth.

All ready by 11!

Out of the driveway by 11:15 to go to San Angelo.

Chick Fil A lunch date. Yay!!

My hairstylist was having a Matilda Jane trunk show so we stopped by there around 2 to check it out. Hello big ruffle denim pants!

Then we went to Target to pick out my mom a birthday card. Of course it has a princess on it!

Brylee fell asleep in the car and I planned on going to the mall for a bit until I realized I took my stroller out of my car when we went to Odessa. #momfail I was not about to carry her around or wake her up so I drove around a bit looking at different areas I'd never been to and finally settled in the Lowes parking lot waiting on Tate.

We looked at some patio furniture. The only reason we went was for weed killer and I wanted to look at paint and we ended up staying a bit longer testing out the patio furniture. I do believe I found the set I want!

It was a bit early for dinner so we each went through a carwash. B LOVES going through a carwash.

Dinner with my favorite people.

Walked over to Gattiland to play. This girl (with our help) scored over 2000 tickets and had the best time. This wasn't our original plan but it was too dark to go to the park so they decided Gattiland for the win.

Home by 8:30. Face washed, teeth brushed, jammies on and some snuggle time watching Frozen before bed.

After B was in bed I folded another load of towels.

I worked on my #dailyleah post while Tate got ready for bed.

10:13 I watched a bit of TV and then lights out!

And there you have it - a not so ordinary day in the life. Next time I'll make sure to have her pick a day during the week that maybe isn't so sporadic!

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  1. Sounds like a great day! I love the chick-fil-a lunch date :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. This is so cute! I love to start my day with some lemon water before coffee. Your morning looks a lot like mine :)


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