Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chasing Texas

Hey y'all, and welcome to Chasing Texas! I'm so excited to start this new little blog of mine and I hope you'll stay around and enjoy this journey with me.

My name is Leah; girlfriend to Tate, a high school football coach, and mom to Brylee, a sweet 3 year old with a ton of sass! I started blogging back in August of 2013 with Touchdowns and Sparkly Crowns as an extra credit project for a class I was taking in college. I just kinda half-way did it and never really thought I'd like it and just quit. About a year and a half ago (August 2014) Tate got a new job and moved us across Texas; almost 600 miles! That's nearly 9 hours away from home, if you're counting! It was my very first time away from home so I decided to start blogging again to keep everybody in the loop. I always forgot and once again let it slip. I've always loved writing and when we moved again in April of 2015 (yes, after only 8 months) I debated deleting that little old blog of mine. Truth is though, I love writing! It's an outlet for me. Whether I'm sharing the newest steal I found while shopping, a parenting confession or just the facts of this life, I love writing! I found myself in a new (tiny) town, knowing not a single person (other than us, of course!), and job-less so I decided to pick blogging back up. Although Touchdowns and Sparkly Crowns was my start, I knew it wasn't what I wanted.
That leads me to Chasing Texas. A career as a high school football coach can lead to you many different moves and changes. Tate dreams big, as anybody should, and therefore until he stops dreaming, we will be Chasing Texas! It get's extremely hard at times, but I absolutely love this life.

So, with that being said, here's goodbye to Touchdowns and Sparkly Crowns and hello to Chasing Texas.

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