Friday, February 5, 2016

Valentine's Gift Guide | The Minis

I love doing these! I've done a Gift Guide for Her and Him and now I'm on to the minis! Brylee is fun this year because she actually 'gets' Valentine's Day with love letters and hearts/flowers! It'll be fun getting to spoil her with love this year, as if she isn't already. I've also done one for boys too since I do happen to have some sweet nephews - Stormi take note! I'm pretty positive these are things all kids would love!


1. Brylee has been asking for a new bathrobe since before Christmas. She enjoys getting cozy in her robe after a bath before we put her jammies on, don't we all? :)
2. Everybody needs rain boots! While I do love my Hunter boots, I am not forking out that money for B to have some. Insert Target! She is growing like a weed and I want to get her a pair that she'll be able to wear all spring and summer.
3. Oh for the love of puzzles! Brylee is obsessed with them and gets so excited to finish them. Wooden puzzles are great for kids because they can't be bent or broken!
4. A kiddo in pj's is guaranteed to give you lots of snuggle time! Who doesn't love that??
5. Mamas if your daughter has hair that tangles like CRAZY and then has super static, listen up - this is for you! It's a bit pricier than a regular kids detangler but it makes their hair like silk! Gorilla snot may not seem like something you'd want to put in your sons hair, but this gel holds like no other! My nephew rocks a fohawk like no other and this is perfect!
6. Brylee loves to help me clean so this would only make sense! And it's so cute! Jackson got a train table for Christmas that has roads on it also - how cute would little traffic signs be for his little cars?
7. Something for the head! Brylee is a total bowhead! If I don't put a bow in her hair she reminds me that 'something is missing from her head'! My favorite bows are the Copper Key (above) or the solid bows from Hobby Lobby (yes!). When Jackson isn't rocking that fohawk, this hat would be adorable!
8. I love when Disney releases old movies! Aladdin and Snow White are movies I haven't seen since I was a kid and it would be so much fun to have a movie night with B watching one of these.
9. Seriously how cute are those floral pants? Yes, please! And Jackson would be a total ham in those green pants and plaid shirt! Swoon!
10. These kinda go along the same lines as #3 but they're educational. Win win in my book!

Other fun things: books (oh they love them!), bathtub toys/markers/drops, and special candy/drinks they don't normally get!

I hope that gave you an idea for the minis in your life. I'm doing Brylee's shopping this weekend and I'm thrilled! 

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