Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Monthly To Do | February

Yay for February! Bring on all things hearts and flowers, oh and football! I've said it before, I've been cheering on the Panthers all season long, but I am a Broncos girl, always have been!

Before I dive right into my February to do's, let's see how I did with January!

1. Lose 2-5 lbs - I lost 3! Considering I started late in the month and I cannot seem to lay off the oreos, I'd say I did pretty good! From the day I actually got serious about it, I'd say I was averaging a little over a pound a week.

2. Read January in Bible Challenge - yeah, this didn't happen. First of all, I couldn't find the challenge I had initially started with and spent so much time looking for another one that it was almost February when I realized it. I would like to read the bible chronologically so if anybody has a plan they like, help a girl out. I did, however, start the Jesus Calling daily devotional and I love it. 

3. Read 2-3 Books - I kinda checked this one off. I read PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern and started reading The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. I'll have a small little book review thing in a few months or so when I have more than one book to talk about.

4. Workout at least 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes a day - Same as goal number 1, I started a little late on this, but once I committed to my daily workouts, I kicked some butt! I'm still doing the Tone It Up challenge and still love it. The trainers are great. It's by far my favorite plan.

5. Finish the living room - I really shouldn't have expected this to be finished within in the month because of what we plan to do with it. We did pick out the new floors (yay!), I finally got the curtains hung and I'm almost finished with the collage wall. I still need to purchase new pillows, a rug, replace the fireplace screen and figure out what to do with the pocket door. 

6. Register for school - Another thing that I didn't get checked off. I waited too long for spring so now I get to start with Summer classes. Oh joy! I seriously need to get finished.

7. Valentine's Day decor - I can totally check this off too! Maybe one of these days I'll get a post up on my decor and maybe a tutorial of the cute wreath I did. And as figured, Brylee loves it and has totally forgotten about the Christmas tree.

8. Make a hair appointment - I tried. My hair stylist is back in Odessa and we just can't seem to get a weekend together. I'm hoping something will be done this month so I don't have to find another one. (insert crying emoji!)

9. Update my blog - Check. Check. and check. It's even prettier than I hoped it would be. I still have things to add to it, but for the most part the (new) blog is updated!

10. New morning routine - Again, I kinda got to check this off too. I wanted to start getting up at 5, read the bible, my books, workout and even have a nice breakfast cooked before 7:30. I've been getting up anywhere between 5:30-5:45 and slowly making progress. On days that I don't wash my hair I have more time (obviously) but on days that I still have to blow dry my hair, forget it! 

And now for February. Short month, short list.

Pssstt.. ya like that notepad underneath? $$ Section at Target!  :)

1. Oily skin remedy - My face has dramatically cleared up after using Rodan + Fields; I really noticed the change when I was out of it for a week - yikes! I hoped that after clearing up my face, the oiliness would go away too but nope, still there. If anybody has any remedies they love, help me out!

2. Appointments: Eye, Dentist, Hair - This goes for me and Brylee. Tate is all for himself. I could make him the appointment but I would have to drag him there. No thanks. I really need to get my eyes check (it's been 4 years!), I'm due for a teeth cleaning and refer to January #8 for hair. I would like to get Brylee a trim, take her for her first teeth cleaning and hopefully get an eye exam in there also. Her pediatrician doesn't think the eye exam is exactly necessary but I think the sooner I start her having regular exams, the better.

3. Activities with Brylee -  She really, really, really wants to do dance or gymnastics but where we live we would have to drive 30-45 min to one of the bigger towns on a week day at night. That's not exactly what I'm wanting to do. I've got to figure something out before she drives me complete nuts!

4. Organizing Challenge - Well I started the organizing challenge with A Bowl Full of Lemons and that's about as far as I got, day 1! Ha! I quickly figured out I needed more than a week to complete each task so I'm going to continue her challenge but at my own pace, starting with: Kitchen/Laundry Room (their connected) and Dining Room.

5. Keep up with January - I did so well (mostly) with these last month so I might as well put them here too to keep me accountable.
  • Read 2-3 books
  • Lose 2-3 lbs
  • Morning routine
  • Workout 3-4 times per week
  • Daily Devotions/Bible reading

I hope you guys have a fantastic Wednesday and good luck to any monthly to-do's you may have!

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