Thursday, February 18, 2016

These Are My Confessions | February

Cue: Usher. I guess that could be a confession also - back in the day I was a huge Usher fan. I knew every lyric to every song. I miss him being on the Voice but did you guys hear that Christina is coming back?! YAY! 

I'm so glad the Confessions Link up is back. I'm not sure I'll be linking up every week, but we'll see.

Linking up with Jess from the Newly. 

1 | I confess that I feel like Superwoman when I get home from work and dinner is ready in the crockpot! Isn't is the greatest feeling? Sometimes I have to do a bit more work but having the majority done is fantastic! I know I'm not alone on this one. 

2 | I confess that I have Resting Bitch Face. This is not new but I was kindly reminded of it a few days ago when someone walked in and the questions began: Why are you mad? Are you in a bad mood? Is this a bad time? Why don't you ever smile? People, for reals, stop. I'm a very happy-go-lucky kind of girl and it takes a lot to make me mad but I have RBF and I just can't help it. And my lips are big, therefore making me look like I pout 24-7. Whew.  That was a lot.

3 | I confess that I spent 4 hours on pinterest yesterday. I just talked about pinterest in my Show and Tell Tuesdays post and yesterday managed to spend so long on there. To be fair though, I was cleaning and organizing my boards. #yesimweird #ocd 

4 | I confess that I've gained 4 lbs. In my February to-do post I shared that I just lost 3 and now I've gained 4 back. I believe my enjoying of Valentine's day goodies a bit too much and mother nature hitting at the same time does nothing good for me. TMI? 

5 | I confess that I don't understand Twitter. I only got one to win concert tickets like 6 years ago (I did win them btw). I want to like it because Facebook is annoying me and I'm slowing going to try it out - don't hold me accountable to that statement.  I do love me some Instagram though. 

6 | I confess that Brylee is being good for Santa. I'm going to hold on to that for as long as it works. Yes I know he's back at the North Pole and won't be back for 10 more months, but if it keeps that attitude (OMG!) to a minimum, I'll take it! And for the record, this was her doing, not mine! 

7 | I confess that I drink a TON of water every day. Not that that's a bad confession, but here's the  deal - my only restroom at work is upstairs. A case of laziness sets in and I just don't want to walk those stairs 10 times a day so I just hold it which I know isn't good. Again, tmi? On the other hand, it may help with confession #4 up there!

And there ya go, 7 of my confessions.

Tomorrow's Friday - in the case you don't have a calendar and didn't already know that. ;)


Happy confessions, ladies!

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