Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Daily Leah #3 & #4

While changing over the blog I noticed that these never posted. Instead of doing two #dailyleah's late I just combined them into one. Enjoy snapshots of my what makes me happy!

Happy Sunday, y'all! I'm back again with another #dailyleah. To see what I'm talking about check out this post here

January 24 to January 30

Day 24
Sweet Addy's 2nd birthday party! I don't have any pictures of the birthday girl, she is foster to adopt, but you better believe as soon as Gotcha Day gets here I will!


Day 25
I noticed a lot of kisses missing and also noticed that Brylee didn't have chocolate fingers.. this is why. She had a stash hiding behind some picture frames and I caught her red handed, although it was the cutest thing ever!

Day 26
She insists on being bundled up each morning before school. This morning two blankets were required!

Day 27
I love fresh flowers!

Day 28
Matching manicures. I cannot wait to take her to get her first in-salon mani/pedi!

Day 29
Working out on a Friday. I always skip Fridays.

Day 30
Dinner at Lowake (a steakhouse in the middle of nowhere) with these two!

January 31 to February 6

Day 31
Sunday Dinner at Miguels (Abilene) and these were the best tacos! I'm on a mission to remake them myself!

Day 32
I got a new Keurig! Yay! It's been way too long my friend. I debated on the different sizes but when I figured in my counter space (or lack of) I decided to go with this one. I had just the single serving before and loved it but when it cratered I decided I wanted a bigger one that would make an entire pot if needed. I love it!


Day 33
Sometimes B does my workouts with me, sometimes she'd rather play. Today she wanted to do both. :)


Day 34
I'm an aunt again! So in love with sweet Merritt and I haven't even met her yet!

Day 35
I walked in on Brylee washing the dishes all because she wanted to. I'll remind her of this in about 10 years when she complains about it.

Day 36
Teaching Brylee how to read and fill in a calendar. Stickers everywhere!


Day 37
 Totally didn't regret this monster cookie with ice cream thing. It was delicious!

The goal was post to Instagram but for whatever reason my IG has been messing up lately. I'm trying!

 Here's to hoping the next Daily Leah actually gets posted on Sunday!

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  1. Love how she bundles up in the car - too sweet! And those tacos look delicious - yum!

  2. Congrats, auntie!! He is adorable! And Brylee is so cute - love your matching manicures!


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