Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekending | No Plans Edition

 Good morning friends and Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are rested and ready for this week, or that you have enough coffee (or tea) to get you through it. :)

On Friday I told y'all that we had no plans this weekend and we stayed true to that. We made nothing a 'have to' thing and just did what we wanted, when we wanted. It was wonderful!


Friday night Tate had softball games. When those were over Brylee and I helped drag the fields, water and clean up! Clearly she was thrilled by this. ;)

Saturday was our 'make no plans and just do' day. We loved it. We had a very lazy morning. My hairstylist was having a Matilda Jane trunk show in San Angelo so when B and I got ready we stopped by there - swooning over ruffle denim pants! Heart eyes! We did some more shopping and Tate finished painting the dugouts.

Tate met us later for some home improvement shopping (aka picking out my new patio furniture!) and dinner. We told Brylee we would do something fun after dinner but we stayed longer than expected and it was too dark to go to a park. I was all for redboxing (I just made that a verb) a movie and ice cream but when Tate mentioned walking across the parking lot to Gattiland to play games I got outvoted. $20 later B had over 2000 tickets and a ton of loot to take home. I hate that place but seeing how happy and fun she thought this was totally made me put those feelings aside.

Sunday was once again super lazy - as in I showered, threw on some clothes and that was about it! My grandparents came by (they were passing through) and gave Brylee a ton of gum! Ha! That's my Granpa's thing - he always has double bubble on hand and all the great-grandkids know and LOVE this! I love that my daughter gets to have a relationship with my grandparents - it's the sweetest thing! After they left Tate went to help the baseball and softball parents with a BBQ lunch plate fundraiser and brought us back lunch! We napped, did some house work, some yard work (it really wasn't warm enough to be outside for very long) and had lots of snuggles.

Sidenote: Tate and I have been shopping around for a new refrigerator and just haven't bit the bullet to buy one yet - not only can they can be sooo pricey but I'm also super picky about something like this because to me its an investment and something I want to last! We didn't take our old fridge with us when we moved to south Texas because that house had a really nice one but when we moved here we quickly regretted that decision. This one was old, drawers were missing/broke, shelves were missing/broke and it was much smaller than we were used to - but it worked! We decided to just deal with it until we could get a new one because we have other plans for the house also and didn't want to spend $1500 on a fridge alone.

Okay, back to Sunday. While we were just being lazy Tate brought up the refrigerator he mentioned to me the day before - one of the coaches was moving and selling his fridge. It wasn't exactly like the few I had looked at but it resembled our old one that I loved and it met my requirements: Stainless steel/black - check! Water/ice connector - check! French door - kinda, it's side by side instead! Ha! Anyways, he was going to be moving things that day and offered to sell it to us for super cheap and it's only about 2 years old. After thinking about it for about 2.5 seconds we decided to buy it. Hello new/used refrigerator. #adulting

Don't mind our magnets and Brylee's artwork. :) I also took down this hideous bar thing that was beside our old fridge because I didn't like it and it feels like it really opened up our tiny kitchen a bit.

So: playing on the gator, MJ ruffled pants, and a new refrigerator - I'd say it was a good weekend for us. Have a great week!

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  1. lazy weekends are the best!! I could definitely use one of those soon!

    1. It was definitely the best kind of weekend!


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